Neat Video v2.0

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Neat Video v2.0

Post by NVTeam » Thu Apr 19, 2007 3:43 pm

Neat Video v2.0 plug-ins for After Effects, for Premiere Pro / Elements, VirtualDub and Sony Vegas

What is new in this version of Neat Video:

Support for new plug-ins hosts
- Adobe After Effects 8.0 CS3
- Adobe Premiere Pro 3.0 CS3
- Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0

Improved profiling
- Auto Profile now selects better areas for noise analysis producing higher-quality profiles leading to more accurate filtration
- Neat Video now can build noise profiles using smaller frame areas
This is useful when the video clip has small frame size and contains only small featureless areas suitable for profiling

Increased filtration speed
Neat Video v2.0 incorporates several optimizations of the temporal and intra-frame filters and should run somewhat faster on most configurations of computers, especially dual-core and quad-core ones

Interlaced and progressive selection - a new feature in plug-ins for VirtualDub and Sony Vegas
Explicit selection of video scan type - progressive or interlaced - to select the best processing method depending on type of video clip and workflow. This is also implicitly done in Neat Video plug-in for Premiere.

Several technical improvements
More efficient memory utilization, interface improvements, several bug fixes.

Please see the history of changes for more details.

Registered users of all earlier versions of Neat Video plug-ins can download the latest version 2.0. By decision of Neat Video team, this v1.x -> v2.x upgrade is free for you.

If you did not use Neat Video before please try Demo editions of Neat Video plug-ins.

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