Neat Video v2.5 for Premiere CS4 / CS3 (Mac)

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Neat Video v2.5 for Premiere CS4 / CS3 (Mac)

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Neat Video v2.5 for Premiere CS4 / CS3 (Mac)

The first version of Neat Video for Premiere for Mac OSX is available

Advanced noise reduction features available in other versions of Neat Video are now directly available in Premiere (Mac):

- Advanced noise filter to reduce noise and grain in digital video sequences
- Temporal filtration to reduce more noise and better preserve true details
- Complete control over the noise filter to achieve the desired level of noise reduction
- Smart sharpening filter to make video look sharper without amplification of noise

Please see the Neat Video website for more details.

If you did not use Neat Video before please try Demo editions of Neat Video plug-ins for After Effects (Win, Mac), Premiere Pro (Win, Mac), Premiere Elements (Win), Final Cut (Mac), VirtualDub, Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio.

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