Neat Image v4

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Neat Image v4

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Dear forum members,

New versions of Neat Image are available to registered users:
  • Neat Image v4.0 Pro+
    Neat Image v4.0 Pro
    Neat Image v4.0 Home+
    Neat Image v4.0 Home
The new features in these versions:
  • New noise reduction engine with drastically improved filtration quality
    - Noise-like textures are preserved better and produce no artifacts
    - New high resolution mode produces sharper results with more details retained
    - Conservative sharpening mode to sharpen image without introducing halos

    Significantly increased processing speed
    - Neat Image now works 2-3 times faster than v3.x!

    Two user interface modes - Standard and Advanced
    .. for beginners and experienced Neat Image users

    And other numerous improvements
Please see the history of changes for more details.

Best regards