Neat Image v2.2 plug-in /Mac

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Neat Image v2.2 plug-in /Mac

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Neat Image v2.2 update is released

1. This update improves compatibility of Neat Image plug-in /Mac with older versions of Photoshop running in OSX in Classic mode. Two other improvements and bug fixed are implemented as well.

Registered users of Neat Image Pro plug-in /Mac may use their licenses to download the latest version of the software.

If you are new to Neat Image plug-in /Mac please try the Demo plug-in /Mac.

2. We contunie to work on more improvements to make the Mac version of the plug-in better.

The next update will include several GUI modifications suggested by users of Neat Image /Mac. New functionality will also be added to make profiling process simpler and more accurate.

Please share with us your opinion of Neat Image and your ideas of what can be done to make it better and more useful in your Photoshop work. We carefully listen to all opinions and try to implement the ideas you suggest.

Thank you.

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