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Neat Image v3 plug-in /Mac

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Dear forum members,

New versions of Neat Image /Mac are released today: Neat Image v3.0 /Mac

What's new in v3.0:
  • Improved noise profiling and noise reduction algorithms resulting in higher quality of noise reduction:
    - better automatic selection of featureless image areas for noise analysis
    - visual feedback on the quality of image areas used for noise analysis
    - more accurate noise analysis algorithm
    - profile quality indicators to control the quality of noise analysis
    - better handling of strong noise and JPEG artifacts by the noise filter
    - more efficient implementation of all image processing algorithms

    and many other improvements.
As you can see, we keep our promise and do make Neat Image better and at the same time we make the new version 3.0 available to all currently registered users of Neat Image v2.x /Mac at no extra cost.

The only thing we ask for is the following: if you like Neat Image please let others know about it, and if you don't like something in Neat Image please let us know what it is specifically. Making Neat Image better greatly depends on your feedback!

Please visit to read about new Neat Image and download the latest version of the software.

Best regards
Neat Image team

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