Some UI suggestions

suggest a way to improve Neat Image
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Some UI suggestions

Post by Hoogo » Sat Jul 09, 2011 5:45 pm

Some minor suggestions:

When I switched to the interface of the pro-version, I had a strange problem to find the "batch", "cancel" and "apply"-button... This might sound silly, but I think that happened because they were below the options of the view selector, and the buttons are far away from all the other controls, even on 1280*1024. Would it be possible to make these button part of the right container and move them a little bit upwards? This would even leave more room for the picture.

"Action setup": I would have expected its functionality in the menu under "preferences..." I'm not sure if this function is that useful that a button in this excellent position is justified. But maybe other people like it...

And some major suggestion:

What about putting all controls except the view selector options into the right container?

Some netbooks have a resolution of ...*600 pixels. It looks to me as if the extended mode exceeds these 600 pixels. I don't think that it is a must to care about these machines, but you are quite close, so maybe you want to try?

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Post by NITeam » Sun Jul 10, 2011 9:50 am

Thank you very much for the suggestions and ideas.

Unfortunately there is no more space in the right panel when you work in Advanced mode (there are filter settings there). Adding more controls there will make the panel longer and thus the overall height of the window will stay the same. The way it is now at least makes the key controls of the whole plug-in (Cancel and Apply) clearly visible and separate from other controls. This kind of visual separation is typical for plug-ins in Photoshop or otherwise, which is why we use it too.

Also, please note that Photoshop currently requires at least 1024x768 pixel screen. Neat Image plug-in also stays within these limits.

Thank you once again!


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