changing frame size

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changing frame size

Post by rednewt74 »

I am having a real problem getting Neat video to render. I am using 4k footage in a 1080p timeline (Edius). In the blog they talk about reducing the frame size that the program is sending to Neat, but they don't explain how.
Any ideas?
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Re: changing frame size

Post by NVTeam »

There are two basic ways to reduce the frame size on the side of the host application (Edius):

1. Initially use the Shift+Q (render to timeline) to reduce the resolution to the timeline size and place a new clip in the timeline resolution into the timeline. Then apply noise reduction to that new clip.


2. Make a sequence out of the 4K clip and then insert that sequence into the fullHD project and apply Neat Video it it. This will make sure the frames are reduced down to fullHD before they arrive to Neat Video.

Both ways should work but the option 1 seems to be much faster in Edius. Edius works significantly slower when using the scenario 2.

Hope this helps,
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