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Post by NVTeam » Mon Aug 17, 2015 2:19 pm

The frame you used for profiling gives lower-than-should-be noise levels in darks. We used another frame, where those noise levels were higher. You could fix your profile by additional fine-tuning using other frames as well. So the previous recommendation stands: try to build and fine-tune the profile by analyzing the most noisy samples in your clip.

One more note regarding v4 vs v3 results. In v4, we moved the zero point (+0%) of the spatial filter's noise level adjustment downwards (with an accurate noise profile that allows v4 to preserve more details while not leaving any additional noise). If you want to receive the same results as in v3 (for example in situations of not very accurate profiles), increase the spatial noise level to +10%. Again, this is not something that you want to use always but if you see that noise levels in profiles change across the clip and you cannot get reliable results from the filter, try that option.

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