Best format?

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Best format?

Post by hbart219 »

I have been using NeatVideo for a few years now... Of course, as anyone on this forum knows, it's the best plug-in ever made

However, I have always wondered something; is there any format which Neat Video works particularly well with? Sometimes I wonder if the results for a ProRes 422 HQ are exactly the same for MXF or an AVI (footage, dimensions, frame rate etc. all being the same).

Has anyone noticed a difference in how effective NeatVideo is with different formats?? I should probably just test for myself but I wanted to ask you guys nonetheless, for your no doubt expert opinion
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Re: Best format?

Post by Fifonik »

I have not tried to find differences.
However, I believe it does not mater as the plugin work with decoded video stream.

If you are using loosed intermediate video formats, sure you are losing quality. However, it is not NeatVideo's fault.

Also, it might be some data loss caused colour conversions. But here NeatVideo plugin also cannot do anything as it is up to host application to supply raw video stream.
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Re: Best format?

Post by NVTeam »

Yes, Fifonik is exactly right. The video file format may have influence on the results and speed of processing of the host application itself. It does not affect the way Neat Video works though. I understand that you are generally interested in getting the best results. The speed aspect may also be important for you. We mention the speed aspect in our recent blog post How to Shorten Render Time: Best Practices (section Transcode using a faster codec).

Hope this helps,
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