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Re: GPU speed database

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 12:24 pm
by Fifonik
[+] Implemented 'Spatial Frequencies'
[+] Added frame size '3840x2160 p'
[+] Added some v5 results for my RX 470 (I noticed that for my GPU enabling Very Low Frequency is only slightly affected processing speed. Not sure if such results should be separated...)

Re: GPU speed database

Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 2:21 pm
by Ozone
My topics on other forums: ... -zestawów/ (mostly v5 results) ... t-12576311 (mostly v4 results)

6700k @ stock
24GB dual channel 2133 ddr4 ram

Code: Select all

Neat Bench (Neat Image 8.5.0, Neat Video 5.0.0) x64
Copyright (c) 1999-2019 Neat Image team, Neat Video team, ABSoft.
All Rights Reserved.

GPU detection log:

CUDA driver version: 9010
NVIDIA CUDA initialized successfully.
Checking CUDA GPU #1:
GPU device name is: GeForce GTS 450
512 MB total (373 MB available during initialization)
Unsupported compute capability: 2.1
Check failed - will not use the device

Failed to initialize OpenCL.
If you use an AMD card, please install the latest AMD driver with OpenCL support.

Neat Video benchmark:

Frame Size:	1920x1080 progressive
Bitdepth:	32 bits per channel
Mix with Original:	Disabled
Temporal Filter:	Enabled
    Quality Mode:	Normal
    Radius:	2 frames
    Dust and Scratches:	Disabled
    Repeat Rate:	0% of repeated frames
    Jitter Filtration:	Normal
Spatial Filter:	Enabled
    Quality Mode:	Normal
    Frequencies:	High, Mid, Low, Very Low
    Artifact Removal:	Enabled
    Edge Smoothing:	Disabled
    Sharpening:	Disabled

Detecting the best combination of performance settings:
running the test data set on up to 8 CPU cores

1 core: 3.08 frames/sec
2 cores: 6.12 frames/sec
3 cores: 7.87 frames/sec
4 cores: 8.22 frames/sec
5 cores: 8.12 frames/sec
6 cores: 7.19 frames/sec
7 cores: 6.59 frames/sec
8 cores: 6.28 frames/sec

Best combination: 4 cores: 8.22 frames/sec

Re: GPU speed database

Posted: Wed May 22, 2019 2:12 am
by Fifonik
I think I can copy/paste these results into the database :)

Done (skipped two posts as there were no NeatVideo version in posts)
Thanks for the information.

Re: GPU speed database

Posted: Wed May 22, 2019 10:15 am
by Ozone
Question to NVTeam- How hard would it be to add info about the used CPU, clock speed, ammount of ram and it's clocks, single/dual/tripple etc channel to the neatbench? I think that everyone would benefit from it.

Re: GPU speed database

Posted: Wed May 22, 2019 10:38 am
by NVTeam
It would not be easy to keep current and accurate.

There are specialized tools for such kind of hardware information reporting. It is best to leave that job to those tools, they can do that more accurately.

Re: GPU speed database

Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 6:36 am
by Fifonik
I think, detecting all these frequencies & timings are overkill for such tool.
However, as Windows 10 is already detecting CPU (and shows in Settings | System | About) it might be possible to get this information somehow and include into the log.
Just an idea.

Re: GPU speed database

Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 10:37 am
by Fifonik
[*] Added option to combine results with different spacial frequencies. Enabled by default (as before previous changes).
[*] Some UI bugfixes

Re: GPU speed database

Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 10:56 am
by NVTeam
Thank you very much!


Re: GPU speed database

Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 11:41 pm
by Fifonik
I've finally finished cmd script that can be used to run NeatBench5.exe multiple times with different parameters and optionally send results into the results database (CPU, GPU and OS will be detected automatically and sent with results).

Limitation: Works for system with single GPU only for now

How to use:
1. Download & unpack in a folder (you can download it using link below or from results database About page)
2. Download from NeatVideo web-site:
3. Unpack NeatBench5.exe into the same folder
4. If you'd like to submit results to the database, check that you have cURL.exe in your system PATH. Modern Windows 10 versions already have cURL.exe (starting from build 17063). For older Windows versions you will need to download it manually from official cURL web site.
5. Modify the NVBench.cmd file and put your name there (line 5)
6. Run the script and follow prompt
7. You'll have a bunch of txt files with results in the folder.


P.S. The script can be downloaded from here:
I do not know if I'm allowed to post links to archive here. So moderators feel free to modify the message.

Re: GPU speed database

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2021 11:35 pm
by albino1
Thanks for making the batch script, I wish more people would use it! :lol:

I just ran it with my new 3080 and got 59fps on the default speed. It auto-posted all of my results to the database, so hopefully that helps some people who are trying to make purchasing decisions.

I know they're hard to get a hold of right now, but hopefully more people come along and start submitting their results for the more modern cards :)