Neatvideo and green screen

questions about practical use of Neat Video, examples of use
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Neatvideo and green screen

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Hello there,
i was hoping that somebody could give me some tips when it comes to using Neatvideo for chroma keying green screen material.

I am working in Davinci resolve 12.5 and trying to get a good noise profile, either with the auto profile or manual profile.

When i apply the auto profile a pop up window comes in and says:
the selected area is to small
using a larger area may produce a more accurate noise profile.
the recommende size is 128x128 (or more pixels)

If i then make the Area larger a text with red underline comes up saying:
area not uniform in Y, Cr, Cb channels.

My questions are:
-Is it better for green screen footage to do a auto profile and leave it like that? Or is it better to keep working on
the noise profile with the manually fine tune options in the Advanaced mode?

-and should i use the Slow shutter option in the Temporal tab with green screen footage, cause sometimes
neatvideo gives me a REP code.

So if somebody has some experience with using neatvideo and green screen footage i would be delighted if they could give me some tips.

thanx in front
greetings Lenny
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