Should I Denoise then Stabilize or visa versa?

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Should I Denoise then Stabilize or visa versa?

Post by Fifonik »

Usually, when I need to use Neat Video I'm de-noising first and then applying stabilization (Mercalli V4).
The reason is -- stabilization dynamically changing zoom factor so noise profile is changing.

However, sometimes I'm using NeatVideo to de-noise 8mm film scans.
In this case consecutive frames jumping quite a lot as old films are bent and were not holding in exact position while pulled through machine.
So I'm not sure how Neat Video temporal filter works in this case and if I need to apply stabilization first.

Any advise from developers who know how Neat Video matching the same regions in consecutive frames would be nice to have.

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Re: Should I Denoise then Stabilize or visa versa?

Post by NVTeam »

You will likely notice that Neat Video can cope with such kind of moving frames to reduce noise without blurring the moving details. Neat Video has the built-in mechanisms to achieve that and so does not require additional help from a stabilization software. You can try to use before Neat Video too if you like and that should work fine too. You may want to compare the final results and then choose the best workflow based on that.

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