jitter feature

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jitter feature

Post by jpsdr »

I've questions about the jitter feature in NV5.

Is this feature something totaly new from v4, or was it allready in v4, but just without the possibilty to adjust parameters ?

According the answer to previous question :
- If totaly new feature, how do i disable the jitter, for video where there is no jitter ? I though leaving the box unchecked was not enabling it, but when i've done performance tuning, i realised it said "Normal".
- If already in v4, what are the settings to be like in v4 (default maybe) ?
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Re: jitter feature

Post by NVTeam »

It is a totally new feature introduced in v5.

If a video has no jitter of details, then this feature will not do anything, so there is no need to manually disable it. 'Normal' means that that function is in 'normal' mode, not in 'extended filtration' mode when it is more aggressive to the jitter of details.

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