Neat Video Moire

questions about practical use of Neat Video, examples of use
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Neat Video Moire

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I use Neat Video with Davinci and although I love Davinci for its natural results and speed (I wish there would be more not so aggressive default settings in Neat Video as it smoothes too much detail unless you start fiddling with all the controls but this takes time) Once the profile is created it would be great 5 basic noise reduction strengths (very low,low,normal,strong,very strong) and from here tweak to hearts content.

When it comes to strong noise Neat Video shines and can be more powerful than Resolve but were neither is good is with moire removal.
I tried all the possible setting to remove moire from skyscrapers filmed with drone but results are never good. If I go to strong to remove moire I destroy the rest of the image as it gets to smoothed out

Mask is not possible as the track is too complicated as there are many buildings affected and the job is really impossible to track.

It would be really marvellows that Neat Video will be capable to remove moire (color and luminance) without affecting the rest of the image too much. It has to be very difficult as nobody has created such a ofx I wish Neat Video will be the first.
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Re: Neat Video Moire

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Moire is certainly not noise and so requires a different treatment. Neat Video can only help with moire in some cases, for example when moire mostly affects the color channels.

Thank you for the suggestion. I am adding your voice to support of this idea in our wish list.

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