Premiere Pro CC Crashing after neatvideo plugin installation

resolve technical issues related to use of Neat Video
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Premiere Pro CC Crashing after neatvideo plugin installation

Post by uriahiscapital » Fri Nov 11, 2016 6:17 am

I see similar issues being posted, but the resolutions have not aided me. I am grateful for any and all help, and I'll make this short and sweet.

- Premiere will load a project successfully, but crash when I scroll down in the project column to newly imported .mp3 audio. After scrolling, Premiere freezes for 2 seconds, then gives the following error:


I have heard this is a permissions issue with Premiere, but I have enabled my account (I am the only user and Admin on my mac) to have read and write permissions with adobe. I have also tried moving the last auto saved file to my desktop, as well as renaming it with no luck.

I figured this has something to do with neatvideo, as the error states something about rendering, and this happened after creating an adjustment layer and placing neatvideo in the layer to render a project.

I have screencaps if any admin or tech support can assist me.

This has halted my workflow and is highly frustrating after paying for the plugin (if this is a neatvideo caused issue).

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Post by NVTeam » Fri Nov 11, 2016 9:17 pm

The error message refers to the part of Adobe software related to rendering video frames. Apparently something wrong is happening in that part of Adobe software when Premiere is processing that part of the project. Neat Video may be related to that crash because Neat Video routinely asks Premiere to provide input frames for Neat Video processing and Premiere may fail while preparing those input frames.

Please create a fresh new test project with just one clip and one effect (Neat Video) added to that clip to see if the problem is reproducible in such a test case. If it is not reproducible, please add an adjustment layer or another component of your main project to see if that triggers the problem.

Thank you,

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