Better solution for dust and scratches

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Lars Andersson
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Better solution for dust and scratches

Post by Lars Andersson » Fri Oct 26, 2018 8:47 am

First I want to say that I love NV. I’m using it mainly for 8/16mm movies and it does the work pretty good, at least the noise. It’s a little bit harder to fix dust and scratches. So I have a few wishes:

1. It would be great if I could only work with Dust and Scratches without interfering with the noise. As it is NV will change the noise no matter what settings I’m using when it’s only the dust and scratches I want to remove. If you make separate software for this I would be more than happy to pay for it.

2. The dust and scratches I want to remove are either pure black or white in 99% of the time. So make it possible for the user to choose just white and/or black when we want to remove those defects. NV has no way to see the difference from a green apple falling down or black scratches. So if I want to be more aggressive when dealing with this problem usually some legs, fingers and other stuff I want to keep will be removed.

3. If NV could mark what defects it will remove, let’s say in orange color, that would be super if I could move through the whole sequence and unmark what I want to keep, or even mark what NV misses and I want to delete.

4. In many cases there are vertical lines and because they are on the same place NV will not recognize them as some something it will remove. A utility for this would be awesome.

5. In some cases you will see a small thread of hair, and that is because it was in the camera during the shooting. If I could mark this hair and get it removed it really would make my day.

I have checked some other programs that can do this but the cost are a “little” bit too high. In one case they offered a solution for 6.000Eur and in the other I could buy the whole suite for “only” 18.000Eur.

Again, thanks for a great software

Lars Andersson

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Re: Better solution for dust and scratches

Post by NVTeam » Fri Oct 26, 2018 11:01 am

Thank you very much for your suggestions and ideas. We will add these to the wish list for future development of the software.

Kind regards,

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