Adobe Premiere Neat Video (SR) and History/Undo

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Adobe Premiere Neat Video (SR) and History/Undo

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My guess is this probably isn't possible with the way SR version works, but I thought I would make a feature request anyway :)

Currently when you have a noise profile setup on a clip in Premiere with the SR plugin if you delete it and then undo it you lose the profile and it resets back to nothing. This also happens if you go back in your History, any of the Neat Video settings you had are wiped and you have to start over. My request would be to save these states like with the normal non-SR version so you don't have to rebuild your profile just because you accidentally deleted a clip or changed your mind.

The advantages of SR vs. regular are pretty huge, so this isn't anything that would make me abandon SR, but it would be nice to have. Especially since often times you don't even notice until your final render when you watch the exported video and see that suddenly there's no noise removal on part of it.


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Re: Adobe Premiere Neat Video (SR) and History/Undo

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Thank you for the suggestion. We will double-check that aspect of the SR plug-in and see if this can be improved.


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