Vertical Film Scratch filter

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Vertical Film Scratch filter

Post by Pegbars »

I love my Neat Video plugin!! It is my favorite tool by far.

I'd like to suggest a feature that removes persistent vertical film scratches.

Neat Video does an excellent job at tackling grain, film dirt, and random scratches... however, it often does not work on scratches that appear in nearly the same place from frame to frame (since it is repairing defects from temporal data). Could an update possibly include a means to differentiate between something that's supposed to be in the image and a scratch defect, and have persistent scratches covered using data from adjacent pixels in the same frame instead of surrounding frames?

Presently, I am having to track such scratches frame by frame with CC Wire Removal in AE. Wire Removal does a great job of concealing the scratches, but getting there is very tedious and time-consuming.

Thank you for your great work!
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Re: Vertical Film Scratch filter

Post by NVTeam »

Thank you for the suggestion. I am adding your voice to the wish list where this idea is already present (it was suggested earlier as well).

Kind regards,
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