purchase and download NEAT Home Edition

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purchase and download NEAT Home Edition

Post by kellimays »

I purchased NEAT three days ago.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to download it.

I have NOT received an email with the downloading instrucitons.

I have written to customer service and to Technical support three times now, with NO response.
Can someone please tell me how to download the paid version.

I am so upset/mad/pissed/frustrated I could just scream.

I thinks it's horribly rude and un professional not to have received a reply to any of my emails.

Thanks and I hope someone can help me out.


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Post by NITeam »


I sent and re-sent the registration e-mail to your e-mail address several times using different e-mail accounts. If you didn't receive my e-mails that means there was an e-mail delivery problem on your side. Probably a spam filter or something like that. You mant to advise an alternative e-mail address and I will re-send the registration details there.

Anyway, I will now send you a private message in this forum, you will receive it directly, without using e-mail.

Update: I have sent you a private message now. Please confirm when you receive it.

Thank you,

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