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Jan Raiber
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fastest Host for NeatVideo

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Hi, I'm using neat video for AE for several years on MacOSX and I'm happy with the quality but not with the speed in Aftereffects.
After effects seems to slow down the rendering process. If I use the benchmark-tool of NV I get mostly 4 times more speed than in the final rendering in the render queue. Nevertheless which codec I use.
Mostly I have a huge amount of clips to denoise and I'm looking for the fastest host application to do batch processing. I also would consider do let those renderings process on a windows system.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,

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Re: fastest Host for NeatVideo

Post by NVTeam »

If you normally use a Mac, but want to temporarily switch to Windows for rendering only, then AE is a good solution because you can open your regular AE project in the Windows version of AE and render it there. If the hardware is faster on the Windows computer, then the render will go faster.

The optimize tool inside Neat Video measures the speed of Neat Video alone, without taking into account the rest of AE workflow (any other transformations of frame, transitions, effects, codecs). So it is normal that the speed of the whole render process is lower than the speed of Neat Video itself. How much lower is a different question though. If the project includes only clip and Neat Video, then the difference is usually not as large as x4. Perhaps you also use other effects that add some render time.

I recommend to run a test with just one clip and one effect and compare AE's actual render speed and speed of Neat Video itself.
In our earlier tests with mpeg2 export, the overall render/export speed was about 60-70% of the speed of Neat Video.

Hope this helps,
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