Comparing speeds of Neat Video v5 vs Neat Video v4

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Comparing speeds of Neat Video v5 vs Neat Video v4

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Comparing speeds of Neat Video v5 vs Neat Video v4

Neat Video v5 has changed some of the default filter settings and added several new filters
as compared with the previous Neat Video v4. These changes affect the performance because
more work is now done by Neat Video v5 than by v4. Therefore when checking the speeds of v5 vs v4,
we should take those changes into account for a more accurate apples-to-apples comparison.

The simplest way to correctly compare the speeds of both v5 and v4 is to run
the tests in the following way:

1. Download the corresponding versions of NeatBench 5 and NeatBench 4 for your OS:
NeatBench 5 for Windows | MacOS | Linux
NeatBench 4 for Windows | MacOS | Linux

2. Unpack NeatBench 5 and NeatBench 4 from both downloaded archives to a folder for example
on your desktop and then open that folder in terminal/console/command prompt window.

3. Run NeatBench 5 using the basic command:
4. Run NeatBench 4 using the command with additional keys
(to run v4 with the settings most similar to v5):
NeatBench4 vlf+ 32
5. Compare the figures measured and reported in steps 3 and 4.

6. If you want to compare the speeds in 4K resolution instead of fullHD (default), then
run these commands:
NeatBench5 3840x2160
NeatBench4 3840x2160 vlf+ 32