Will NV Work for My Video

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Will NV Work for My Video

Post by movick » Thu Jun 03, 2010 5:19 pm


It looks like you have a great product to offer; however I am not sure whether it will do what I need.

I shot quite a bit of cyclorama studio footage (infinity white walls) for an exercise product video on a low-mileage Canon XL2 (16:9 @60i). After I render to MPEG-2 from Sony Vegas 5.0 some deinterlacing artifacts can be seen. The footage is high contrast and contains vivid colors. I took great pains in shooting the video cleanly for release on DVD and it irks me to no end to see this artifacting in otherwise beautiful footage.

Will NV be able to address this problem without softening/blurring the video and compromising the punchy 'Technicolor" look I worked so hard to achieve?

As well, can this plug-in be used for long video segments? Will my MPEG-2's look better after using NV to clean up the artifacting?

BTW...In order to use the NV plug-in I must upgrade to Vegas 9.0; if I do upgrade now it would only be to use the NV plug-in.



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Post by NVTeam » Thu Jun 03, 2010 8:20 pm

Sony Vegas 5.0 is not supported but VirtualDub is a free alternative.

"some deinterlacing artifacts" - this is very vague, I cannot tell if NV can help without seeing the problem.

Re: Will NV be able to address this problem?
It may or may not be able. The easiest way to find out is to directly test it.

However, first it is necessary to make sure the problem belongs to the class of imperfections NV is designed to work with.

Please show a sample of the problem.

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