UI Suggestion for Ultrawide LCDs

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UI Suggestion for Ultrawide LCDs

Post by CraigT »

1) I'm constantly having to move back and forth across the entire screen over and over because of the two sets of tools I alternate between repeatedly. Would you consider making some of the tools docking panels? Better yet offer more than one layout option so that one option would have everything on the left side of the screen. The attached is a suggested starting point.

2) Loading and saving profiles and filters -- generally when I load/save one I also do the same action to the other. This requires 2 steps, one for the profile and one for the filter. Plus they are in different sized boxes in a drop down box with Profile having 2 selections in a group but Filter having 3, with one being "Set as Default Preset" just under "Save Filter Preset" that I don't want to select. I'd like an option to sync profile and filter settings so I only have to save/load once for both files, both with the same name, preferably as its own button without using a drop down box. In the hundreds of projects I've used this awesome tool for, I can't think of a single time I use different named profiles and filters, loading or saving.

3) I don't see a way to "update" a saved profile or filter, only to save, so when I do, I get the annoying Confirm Save As, File Already Exists warning -- just one more box to click. I update my profile and filter more often than loading one in any given project.

I might not be using all the correct terms since I'm not a UI developer.
Thanks for reviewing these suggestions.
Suggested Layout.jpg
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Re: UI Suggestion for Ultrawide LCDs

Post by NVTeam »

Thank you for the suggestions. I will add them to the wish list for future development, so we will consider these ideas when working on GUI improvements.

Regarding the first idea I just wanted to add the following note based on the screenshot/edit you included. It shows a lot of empty space in the viewer that can be better utilized if you switch the viewer from the "1 + 3 Bottom" mode to the "1 + 3 Right" mode. Then the smaller sub-viewers will be on the right, one after another. The space will be utilized better. You may even want to reduce the width of the whole window if there is still empty areas on the left and right of the main viewer. That will help to bring the controls a bit closer to the left for now.

Neat Video currently cannot move its controls on the left side, but perhaps the host application that you use can move its controls to the right?
That would bring them closer together too.

Again, thank you for the suggestions. I am adding them to our internal wish list now.

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