Enhanced dust and scratch removal

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Enhanced dust and scratch removal

Post by Brendan »

The current implementation of dust and scratch removal works well, however it struggles with motion blur and will sometimes remove parts of the image. Unfortunately, changing the threshold and aggressive/conservative setting doesn't reduce or fix the issue. I usually paint removed detail back in for clips with a lot of motion. Dust and scratch removal may be a niche feature, but it would be great if improvements can be made around motion detection and misidentifying motion blur as dust (similar to the motion confidence setting in Diamant-Film Restoration tools). Having a filter for vertical scratches would also be amazing as mentioned in another post.

I know this may not be at the top of improvements/feature requests, but it would be great for those looking to further restore old film.
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Re: Enhanced dust and scratch removal

Post by NVTeam »

Thank you for the suggestions. These are in the wish list now and your voice is also added.

Thank you,
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