Specified file could not be read as JPEG.

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Specified file could not be read as JPEG.

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I have NI v9.0.2 & I'm fairly new at it. I'm getting a weird message - 'Specified file could not read as JPEG' when dragging some B&W images into NI, but reads fine with other B&W images with from the same shoot (also same filename & extension). I was NR them individually, not as a batch. I'm sure I dragged 2 of these images into NI earlier today & it read them just fine, so I'm confused why this is happening now. It's so frustrating! Could I have inadvertently done something? Has anyone come across this message? Any ideas what it could be & what I should do?
Any help troubleshooting is much appreciated.
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Re: Specified file could not be read as JPEG.

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If you can describe the exact steps leading to that message and can send the required sample images to support [at] neatimage.com, then we will reproduce the issue on our test computers and see what is causing the problem. Could be a problem with one of the image, could be something else.
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