Short time in the Sun

general questions about Neat Video
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Short time in the Sun

Post by Isochroma » Sun Dec 25, 2005 5:11 am

I was loving it so much, having that rare position of releasing videos cleaned with the marvelously powerful Neat Image, its power harnessed by Neat Batch AVI (which I'm using to this day!)...

In the Neat Image forum, I'm DaveQ, the maker of that software. I registered on this forum with my 'real' nickname, Isochroma. I am CEO of Chromasubs, a group of one which releases quality anime; here is my site:

I was being careful to hide my identity on the other forum in a vain attempt to prevent other anime subbers from figuring out how I achieved such splendid quality ;) in my releases...

Regarding Neat Video, I'm glad the NITeam decided to code a better replacement for Neat Batch AVI... I'm wondering however if it supports passing the .dnp and .nfp filenames and switches through the commandline if loaded in AVISynth? AVISynth can load vdub plugins, and is a very common means to do so...

For now, I'll continue to use Neat Image and fill my spacious hard drive with hundreds of thousands of PNGs. My other question is what optimizations have you done specifically for video? Can the temporal filtering be disabled, in order to use, say, FFT3D for them in the .avs filterchain?

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Post by NVTeam » Sun Dec 25, 2005 6:02 am

Hello DaveQ,

Thank you for joining us here, in Neat Video forum.

Regarding your first question, yes, NV supports scripting in VD so if AVISynth is able to use that plug-in interface then it should be possible to set the .dnp and .nfp parameters for NV from AVISynth. We will check the details of interfaces supported by AVISynth to see whether it will be able to use NV.

Regarding the second question, the main difference between NI and NV (aside the direct integration into video processing software as a plug-in) is the temporal filter integrated into the general noise reduction workflow. You can disable it of course by adjusting the temporal filter settings. Without the temporal filter, NV will provide about the same filtration NI provides, with the same filtration speed (less the file input-output overhead).

Hope this helps.
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