Final Cut vs. Premiere rendering speeds

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David Foster
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Final Cut vs. Premiere rendering speeds

Post by David Foster » Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:32 am


Long time Final Cut 7 user, and have loved Neat Video. By far the best noise reduction item I've ever used.

As you know, Final Cut 7 is at the end of its life, and Final Cut X can't do a few things that I use almost every day, such as multicam editing or proper output to a dedicated grading monitor.

So, I'm off to Adobe to learn new tools (always wanted to learn After Affects). So, I notice Neat Video is available for both Premiere Pro and After Effects. My questions are

1- do I need to purchase One instance of Neat Video for Premiere, and another instance for After Effects?
2- Since these are 64bit applications, what performance increase in render times can I expect vs. the render times I now experience in Final Cut 7?

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Post by NVTeam » Tue Jul 12, 2011 9:57 am


Unlike FCP and Motion (for the most part), Premiere and After Effects are not fully compatible in terms of plug-in support, which requires us to develop two separate plug-ins, one for Premiere and one for After Effects. They are separate products but you can get a discount if you purchase them together in a bundle (please contact sales [at] for that).

Regarding the 64-bit performance increase as compared with 32-bit, if we consider the performance of the filter itself, it is typically about 20-25% better in 64-bit version. The actual render time depends not only on Neat Video but also on the host application, on the input and output codecs (some codecs can be faster than others), on the project settings. So it very much depends on the project and host. Generally, I expect Premiere CS5 to be faster than FCP7 since it is better optimized for multi-core, uses GPU acceleration, and is 64-bit.

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