Rendering out Neat video as image sequence

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Rendering out Neat video as image sequence

Post by BruceCameron » Wed Mar 14, 2012 10:16 am


I recently purchased Neat video for after effects, i am struggling to find a good workflow for using it. I intent on using it to denoise some greenscreen footage before keying. I want to render out the denoised result and bring it back into after effects so that the neatvideo plugin does not slow down after effects when i am keying the footage and making tweaks.

I tried rendering out as a targa sequence to bring back into after effects and the rendered files do not match the look from the after effects preview, there are what look like really bad compression artefacts even though no compression is happening. So i have rendered as a quicktime (Animation) so that it is lossless and it looks fine but the file size is bigger than if i done an image sequence. Is there a better way to render out the footage before working on it, anybody know why it is not rendering correctly as an image sequence?



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Post by NVTeam » Wed Mar 14, 2012 11:20 am

I could not reproduce the artifacts.

Try to use: Output Module: Lossless; Format: AVI
The file will be large but that is lossless and uncompressed.

You can also try PNG, TIFF will compression, Targa, etc. PNG may produce the smallest files, but not much.

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