rendering time and layering tracks

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Cherie Sampson
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rendering time and layering tracks

Post by Cherie Sampson » Thu May 31, 2012 7:10 pm

I am just beginning to work a little with Neat Video and have been reading about issues with rendering time, processing, etc. on this forum. I am a little concerned about this. Typically my video work (video art) is done in FCP and lately I have been working with a great deal of masking, layering of multiple tracks, opacity changes and some image correction (HSV, gamma, etc.). My works are typically from 8 - 15 minutes. These effects, etc. can take a great deal of render time, and to add even more with the heavy effect of Neat Video leads me to believe I may have issues with crashing or at the least rendering time of DAYS instead of hours (I read on here about someone who had issues with track layering and crashing).

Does the NV team or anyone else recommend that I may try doing the Neat Video filter first, then exporting it as a reference file, reimporting the file back into FCP -- then -- doing my typical masking, etc. I sort of resist this idea b/c of compression, but at the same time want to avoid a big mess and possibly lost work later.

Does anyone out there work with heavy effects AND Neat Video in the same project with successful results? Perhaps I push FCP to its limit, but do not like to use AF b/c the works are still basic timeline editing. See for an example my work:



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Post by NVTeam » Thu May 31, 2012 10:28 pm

I recommend to try to simply use the filter in the regular way and keep your workflow simple. Only if you encounter any issues then to do something about it, like using a dedicated pre-denoise project and some high-quality intermediate format to pass the clean clips to your regular project. If you do encounter any issues, contact support [at], describe the problem and we will offer a customized advise or solution.

If you are afraid of losing any data, please save your editing results frequently and use backups (like Time Machine).

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