4k & 5k Timelines: FCPx

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4k & 5k Timelines: FCPx

Post by bajaecotours » Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:56 pm

So, i try to add neat video to my project timeline (which i have setup as 4096x2304) and drop neatvideo on a clip, i choose "select to open" and 2nd window appears, but there is not image in that window. I am in a project timeline...i tried it before in a Compound clip timeline--not a project and same result, but i believe i must be only in a project yes? Do we have support for 4k and 5k noise reduction?

i'm using Mac. 10.8.3 and latest FCPx
Also 3.3 neat video.

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Black Frames in FCPx

Post by bajaecotours » Tue Apr 30, 2013 3:33 am

OSX Version 10.8.3
FCP Version: 10.8

So, the answer to my own question is yes, Neat Video will indeed do 4k & 5k, You just need to make sure that Neat Video is the first effect applied before any other effects.

Now, the other issue that that comes up is once clips with Neat Video applied to are rendered out, there are numerous black frames from 8 frames to 26 frames of each clip within my timeline. These are at random points and when i remove the Neat Video effect, the black frames go away. So, there must be a bug some where. I have only found a reference (on this forum) to blue frames and flickering where it is said to be an apple bug, but back in 2011 i think. So is this the same bug? I'm hoping for a fix or workaround where i don't have to go to motion or premier. I'm stopped in my tracks on this one...Vlad?

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Post by NVTeam » Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:27 am

It doesn't sound like the same FCPX bug. Must be something new.

We need to find a way to directly reproduce the problem on our computers or ask you to do some tests to localize the source of the problem.

First of all, please check if the problem is reproducible in CPU-only mode: please go to Neat Video's Options window, then to menu Tools > Preferences > Performance, make sure it is set to "CPU only" there.

Then please check if the problem is reproducible if you apply ONLY Neat Video to the clip. Do not add any other effect, do not adjust any other setting of FCPX in Inspector. Only add Neat Video, set up a noise profile and render the clip to see if the problem is reproducible.

If that will not help to find the cause, please send us a small test clip (one of the originals that you use in your project) that is known to reproduce this problem. Additionally please describe the project settings in details or describe how to set up a new test project with that clip so that the problem was reproducible. Once it is reproducible on our computers, we can identify the cause and find a solution.

Thank you,
Image Image Neat Video team
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