Specs of systems that have no problems with NV?

questions about practical use of Neat Video, examples of use
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Specs of systems that have no problems with NV?

Post by rimage » Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:17 am

Anyone use NV successfully and have no problems?

What codec is the source video, what are you saving to, what app are you using it within, what are your O/S and hardware specifics?

What's the longest video you've processed with it?


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Post by Trixter » Mon Oct 14, 2013 8:14 pm

I've used NeatVideo on many systems and never had an issue. My current system is a Core i7-920 from 4 years ago and currently using Premiere Pro CS5 with a GTX 470 video card. This setup when optimized can noisereduce around 80% realtime of an SD video, and an HD video roughly 5fps. I've used it on 2-hour projects without any issues.

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Post by Zach » Fri Oct 18, 2013 1:58 am

Currently this is what I use.

i5 based, Windows 7, 16GB RAM, Radeon HD7950

I work in a 32 bit environment, mostly with Blu Ray sources files, usually AVC in Mpeg2 Transport Streams, but occasionally I run across VC-1.

So far all the content I've worked with is 23.976 Progressive.

I use Virtualdub 32-bit, mostly for compatibility issues with Avisynth and other filters I used to use a lot, but I'll probably investigate moving to a 64-bit pipeline for the specific purposes I use NeatVideo.

I import my source files with a DirectShow filter for Virtualdub, although I am not happy it ends up coming in as RGB888 and I am looking at ways around it. But in terms of workflow, it is flawless.

I drop NV into the filter chain, followed by a Convert to YV12, make sure Vdub is set to output YV12 and then export my filtered clip to an intermediate file stored in UT Codec, using the YUV420 / ULH0 format.

Then I use MeGUI to run it through x264 @ 10-bit to save some space and maybe help a little with color banding.

So far its been working great, although I still wish NV would run faster. I usually leave it on GPU only, as using the CPU ends up slowing it down more than not when exporting (which is odd because CPU usage of UT/Lagarith etc is not that bad in the first place).

I actually downloaded the latest version, which promised a significant speed boost on AMD GPU's, but I didn't really see it tbh.. I usually max out at around 14FPS and then drop a few FPS to level off around 11-12 FPS.

It usually takes me around 45 - 60m to export a filtered 26 minute Anime episode for example. Full length movies take a few hours.

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