NR Workflow and Rendering in PPro

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NR Workflow and Rendering in PPro

Post by Guitarist » Wed Aug 27, 2014 8:11 pm

I'm using NV 3.5 with PPro CC 2014. My current workflow for multi-cam editing involves:

- Create underlying 3-cam sequence on timeline.
- Create nested multi-cam sequence from the underlying 3-cam sequence.
- Rough-cut the multi-cam sequence.
- Apply NR to each clip in the underlying 3-cam sequence.
- Then render video previews to check results.
- Then do levels, color correction, exposure, saturation, etc.
- Render previews again for final review before output.

So here's my question:

Is it a waste of time to render previews after the noise reduction? Should I simply apply the NR, then apply the color corrections, THEN render previews?

The project is a 2-hr guitar concert to DVD. The three cameras are all different from each other. Plus, each camera is moving around and producing clips of varying exposures and zoom-levels, so the job isn't as simple as finding a single good NR profile for each camera. Each camera needs several different NR profiles, according to the zoom and exposure of each clip from that camera. There are 40 clips.

Rendering previews after NR takes a few hours. Then rendering previews after color corrections takes time, too. If someone can tell me a way to do this more efficiently, that would be great.

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Post by NVTeam » Thu Aug 28, 2014 11:57 am

Re: Is it a waste of time to render previews after the noise reduction?

That is quite possible. Especially if you render the whole clip just for preview. I would simply check some selected parts of the clip to make sure the noise reduction works well. That would not require rendering the whole clip, just selecting those individual frames in the timeline.

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