NV 4.5 Plug for VegasPro 13

resolve technical issues related to use of Neat Video
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Post by Grazie » Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:40 pm

Vlad, thank you and please thank the Engineers too for standing by me on this.

Yes, I do have AV s/w running. Always have had even with NV3.

I'll do the CHECK NOW tomorrow.


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Post by Grazie » Fri Feb 17, 2017 7:39 am

Vlad, almost certain I've nailed it.

It was your comment about A/V and a conversation with an IBM chum.

Knowing that I have had my existing A/V running like always, I decided to interrogate the latest S/W that I had had installed. Knowing that, and apart from NV, it fell into 2 categories:

1/- DRIVERS: nVidia Driver to get CUDA8


2/- MEDIA BURNING: Copy DVD and Burn s/w

Using this period to target-in on the timescales, I found a NEW item at exactly this time. It was an anti Malware that had "snuck-in" under my RADAR; had settled-in amongst my System, and was always available on a Right Click on the Drop Down Menu!

I went ahead and deleted it from WITHIN MS Uninstall and was almost immediately was sent to their website, from within MS Uninstall where it said that it was "sorry" I had decided to leave their s/w. Really??

OK, the result is that I have now been hammering NV4.5 using the TROUBLESHOOT and I have NOT been able to repro the lost VEG syndrome, nor the shortcut AWOL syndrome.

Again, Vlad, thanks for your support and those of your engineers too.

What helped me was your and my chums comment about A/V and me knowing that my system HAD been working well, but I needed to see just what s/w had been installed over this period.

Question: Why would an anti-Malware program take a dislike to an altered VEG file or NV using its TROUBLESHOOT engine? Have others reported this type of conflict with anti-MALWARE?


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Post by NVTeam » Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:42 pm

Hi Grazie,

Thank you for posting your findings. That is indeed surprising. I saw reports of A/V software causing troubles with installation of the plug-in before (in all cases it was a false detection by A/V software) but never saw something that would cause the effect you observe with the editing application. Perhaps that A/V software thinks that is has to silently block all file operations (including saving of the project file by Vegas) because of a false detection related to one of the software componets participating in the Vegas process (Vegas, Neat Video, GPU drivers, CUDA, codecs, etc.).

Please try to feed the whole Neat Video folder (C:\Program Files\Neat Video v4 for Sony Vegas\), also the folder of the video driver to the A/V software to see if it reports any (false) detections. If it does, then it could be useful to report that problem to the developers of the A/V software so that they could fix their databases.

Kind regards,
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