Multiple Crashes with Vegas 6 and Vegas 8 using XP 64bit

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Multiple Crashes with Vegas 6 and Vegas 8 using XP 64bit

Post by stachiw » Tue Nov 06, 2007 1:04 am

System Specs:
Tyan 5000xl MB
Dual Xeon 2.4ghz Dual Core
4 GB Dual Channel FBDIMMs
Windows XP Pro x64
Vegas 6 and Vegas 8a
NeatVideo 2.1

Project settings:
HDV 1080i

I have no problem previewing the video file. But as soon as I start rendering, Vegas crashes. I have tried setting the Dynamic RAM to 0 and turned off the Temporal Filter. Doing so seems to help but doesn't fix the problem. At best, it allows me to render about 20 seconds or 600 frames before crashing again.

I have tried both Vegas 6.0d and Pro 8.0a. Both crash.

These projects never crash at exactly the same frame, but often close to the same point in the project.

Some projects have up to 15 minutes of video that I need to use NeatVideo on.

Is this an issue between NeatVideo and Vegas or is it because of the 64 bit OS? Are you guys working on a stability fix? I was hoping 2.1 would fix it but it didn't help. Is there anything that I can do in the meantime to get these projects finished?

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Post by NVTeam » Tue Nov 06, 2007 1:52 am

Have you submitted a bug report about this issue? I undestand you observed the same problem in previous version(s) of Neat Video, correct?

To diagnose the problem we need to be able to reproduce the effect on our computers. The information that you submit in a bug report would be very useful but I guess it may not be sufficient. We may also need a simple sample project (with all settings and filters that you usually use as well as NV) that allows to crash Vegas on your computer. Hopefully, it will allow to reproduce the same crash on our machines and so we will be able to identify the conditions that lead to crash and find the cause and fix it (if the problem is in NV).

I would very much appreciate your assistance on this. Please submit the bug report, collect any crash logs that may be available after those crashes (for example, search the hard drive for the file called drwtsn32.log), make screenshots of Vegas at the moment of crash along with any error messages, and prepare a simple sample project that is confirmed to crash Vegas on your computer. The most important is to reproduce the crash on out machines.

Generally, please always report any problems using the bug report form to help us collect the necessary information. We need to receive the information to be able to resolve any problems you experience.

Thank you,
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