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general questions about Neat Video
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More tests - Temporal filter audio sync push

Post by dsmj » Mon Nov 05, 2007 5:41 pm

Firstly again i must say Neat is the best filter out there for what it does, and i would love to review it, especially in the context of vegas which is my primary tool. ( i have avid and premier and after FX but they are workflow bottlenecks for me )

Neat 2.1 is so good at what it does that a Radius 1 Temporal will smooth out HF noise very very well, knowing that, i can shoot in lower light situations knowing that at edit-time i can remove the problems that lowlux ( amps at +12 or +18 ) will do to me. This allows me to confidently shoot into situations i would normally have had to artificially light ( ruining the ambiance of the shot )

I ran into sync push with temporal radius at +3 .. it would seem that vegas deals with codec frame management at a +1 frame only. so set temporal +1 is proper for Vegas e.g.
care in setting the reference profile is what it takes and the tools are there. cbr 2 pass wmv files are cleaned with Temporal Radius 1.

My finals of files are more compact after including Neat in my workflow for downloadable 720p30 wmv ( VC-1 advanced profile VBR )
No stutter, no frame recovery artifacts if your scene cuts are +1/-1 frame crossfaded ( linear 2 frame overlap) . i would have saved myself hours had i realized this sooner.

I am rebuilding a new dualcore 4ghz w/ 2 tb of disc for Vegas 8 right now,

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Post by jbeale » Thu Dec 06, 2007 4:19 am

I remember being impressed by Neat Image some time ago. I contributed some Canon 20D noise profiles. Glad to see you're applying this to video as well. I use Sony Vegas, now up to Vegas 8 Pro. '

I have asked Sony Support about their SDK and they say there is no newer version than the one online now, which was last updated in 2003 ! That one is basically as Sonic Foundry left it; Sony has done nothing to it but a search and replace to include the "Sony" name. I can't believe it. So, no access to the 32-bit float mode in Vegas 8 (not that it would be practical to use on any computer I own, but still...)

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