Artifacts with high threshold in Virtualdub

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Artifacts with high threshold in Virtualdub

Post by VHSobsessive » Fri Aug 15, 2014 8:19 pm

I have a VHS capture with some letterboxing at various places. I find an increased temporal threshold very useful with VHS (more-so than just increasing the radius) but I have found it leads to artifacts just underneath the upper black border. The artifacts shift from frame to frame and are quite obvious. I have tried a real profile and the default flat profile, both exhibit this problem. I don't believe the profile is the issue.

Closeup : ... cessed.jpg

Temporal radius : 2
Temporal threshold : 150%
Spatial filtering : OFF
Virtualdub 1.10.4

The recording is of a digital satellite broadcast.

Unprocessed and processed clips (HuffYUV): ...

Apart from cropping the image (the letterboxing is not constant throughout the capture), is there any workaround for this, and can it be rectified in 3.6 please ?

E2A : Filtering is set to "interlaced".

Many thanks.

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Post by NVTeam » Sun Aug 17, 2014 2:21 pm

It looks like you are trying to reduce some of the impulse noise by sending the threshold sky high, which is probably not the best solution for that specific problem. Possible workarounds could be:
- to crop the image;
- to not increase the threshold so much and do something else to suppress that noise, for example by building a noise profile using a noisier sample.

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