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Registration code

Post by masters.studios »

Please help. I am writing because I have not gotten a reply from support. Maybe email lost in the electronic air! In any case, I purchased NeatImage-Mac version (Swreg Order Number: U10210180) and received a name and registration code. When I clicked the included url, I was directed to the windows version. Couldn't transfer to the Mac version, however. Now, Sat night, my reg code doesn't permit me entrance to either PC or Mac version download page. Can you help? :(
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Post by NITeam »

After you ordered the Windows version of Neat Image (yes, order U10210180 is for Neat Image v4 Pro+ edition /Windows), you send us an e-mail and I replied to you with a new instruction and license to download the Mac version of Neat Image. Have you received that new instruction and license e-mail?

If not, please let me know and I will re-send. Also, an alternative e-mail address may help as well.

Thank you,
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Post by masters_studios »

Thanks Vlad,
New code worked wonderfully.
I must say that NeatImage is the best noise reduction program I have used and I've tried most of them! As a professional photographer, I need a program that will do a professional job; NeatImage is the one. Thanks again.
Richard Masters
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