NeatBench 4: CPU/GPU speed test

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NeatBench 4: CPU/GPU speed test

Post by NVTeam » Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:44 am

Dear forum members,

If you already use Neat Video you can always check its speed with the built-in Optimize tool (menu Tools > Preferences > Performance > Optimize). That tool runs the filter with different combinations of the available CPUs and GPUs and measures the actually observed processing speeds. Then the best combination can be selected for actual rendering.

But what if you do not yet have Neat Video installed on a particular machine and you just want to check how fast it would be on that hardware? Or you want to see how fast that hardware generally is for a heavy video render task like Neat Video. Or you want to select one of several hardware configurations, for example, in a shop where you have just found a new shiny box of the latest and greatest computer from your favorite manufacturer.

Then you can use NeatBench - a standalone command line tool that detects the available CPUs and GPUs and then runs the standard Neat Video benchmark on them. NeatBench supports both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, so you can directly compare those cards head to head and also compare their performance with the CPU-based processing. See the current technical requirements to GPUs and drivers.

Here is how you can use NeatBench:
  • 1. Download and unzip NeatBench to Desktop: 2. Start NeatBench from Desktop;

    3. Once NeatBench finishes, find its log file: a file with the name starting with NeatBenchLog in the home folder;
    (you can also check the command line output, it contains the same data)

    4. Check the frame rates reported and use them as a measure of the hardware speed.
    If you also have similar measurement from your older or newer machine or from a computer of your friend or colleague, you can directly compare the computing power of the corresponding hardware.
We hope NeatBench will help you in selecting the best hardware for your video processing tasks.

Kind regards,
Image Image Neat Video team
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