Still waiting for download instructions

if regular e-mail contacts fail, contact us here
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Still waiting for download instructions

Post by ghersh »

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My order number U1025744201 was "successfully processed" on April 15, 2010. Today is April 21, 2010, and I am still waiting for an e-mail with download instructions.

I have sent e-mails to the three addresses shown on your website: no response.

I have sent messages via your website: no response.

I am now trying the forum . . . .

Please help.

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Post by NITeam »

We received your e-mails and of course immediately replied.

Apparently, filters and kills our e-mails, so you do not receive them.

I have just tried to re-sent using 3 different e-mail accounts, hoping to fool that filter at

If you do not receive any of those re-sent copies, please advise an alternative e-mail address, I will re-send there, since is behaving badly.

Thank you,
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