DaVinci 12.5 - No frame provided!

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DaVinci 12.5 - No frame provided!

Post by valleo » Wed Apr 20, 2016 5:15 am

Hello, I'm very glad to say that finally Neat Videos temporal filtering works in DaVinci 12.5 but I have some issues when building a noise profile for my clip.
Every time I apply NV to a node (in this case the very first node) and want to build a profile I get an error message "host application does not provide a frame".

It doesn't matter if I scrub through the material, I alway get this message and cannot build my profile.

UPDATE: Seems this problem occurs when a grade is already applied to nodes AFTER the first node.


I have the latest version 4.1.3

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Post by NVTeam » Wed Apr 20, 2016 1:04 pm

In our beta of Resolve, we cannot reproduce such a problem so far. Could you send us a small test case (project) allowing to reproduce that?

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