VR- Noise reduction

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Jan Raiber
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VR- Noise reduction

Post by Jan Raiber » Sat Mar 03, 2018 6:43 am

Hi i would be very happy, if neat video support equirectengular video in future.
Cause of the stretched projection, the noise of this shots have different sizes and can not be sampled right. To denoise them i have to do a lot of work: denoise all shots before stitching, or reproject the final edit to cubemaps, where the noise have a little more even size and denoise it than. but all this workflows introduce a huge amount of work, rendertime and data to accomplish. I know a lot of studios which are in the same situation. Here Neat Video can fill a huge gap.
Thank you, and all the best,

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Re: VR- Noise reduction

Post by NVTeam » Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:03 am

Hi Jan,

Pre-denoising the original rectangular shots before stitching seems to be the most natural solution.
Anything done at later stages in a workflow would likely have to deal with modified noise, which in
many cases can make accurate noise reduction more difficult.

I recommend to look into direction of making that initial pre-denoising more automated (many video editing
applications can in some way help with that) so that you would simply batch the originals through such
a standalone tool. For example, think of a combination of VirtualDub, NV for VirtualDub, and a script for VirtualDub
that takes any input video clip, applies NV with specified noise profile and filter preset, and then saves the output
to a new clean video file. You could then use this script to process the set of clips any time you need to pre-denoise
the footage before stitching it in your further workflow.

Thank you,

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