De-Noising drops out at end of clips

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Amos McWoods
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De-Noising drops out at end of clips

Post by Amos McWoods » Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:17 am

Hi all, searched the forum for a thread about any similar problems with a solution, and didn't find any so apologies in advance if this has been discussed (please provide a link if so)

I'm using Neat Video to de-noise scanned Super 8 and 16mm film footage. This is a recent problem, that began I think around the time I got a 2k camera for my scanner. The scanner software exports as MOV files, no way around this that I know of so that's what I'm importing into Sony Vegas (same file type as the stock camera software anyway, so pretty sure that's not causing the problem).

After I import the file I want to edit, I split it up into clips on the timeline so I can tweak each shot seperately, then render the clips all together as one video. On playback, Neat Video seems to stop working near the end of each clip. When the next clip starts, it works again, then same drops out again near the end of that clip as well. And so on and so on, until the end of the rendered video. It does this whether I'm rendering an individual clip, 2-3 clips, or the whole thing. It also does it whether I'm rendering to a .wmv or mpeg-4.

Any ideas?
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Re: De-Noising drops out at end of clips

Post by NVTeam » Fri Jun 15, 2018 3:57 pm

Do you apply Neat Video to each individual clip as Event FX?

Please try to create a fresh new test project with 1-2 copies of the clip from the testkit
and verify whether the problem is reproducible in that project.

Please also make sure you run the latest version 4.7 of the plug-in.

Thank you,
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