Noise comes back in Compressor

resolve technical issues related to use of Neat Video
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Noise comes back in Compressor

Post by joerayskrha » Mon Jul 02, 2018 5:12 am

Hi Folks,
I shoot a 5DMK3 with Magic lantern firmware (14 bit). I use a Mac Pro 2013 and FCPX. I added neat video. As I shoot in low light environments, neat video app has been real nice at deleting noice. I shoot live music of professional artists. Last year I shot a concert at the Off Broadway club in St. Louis with Dave Alvin, Jon Langford, Rick Shea and Christy McWilson. I loaded the mov. video into FCPX and after editing, I applied neat video app. All the noise disappeared as usual. When I transferred the video from FCPX into Compressor using ProRes422HQ, ALL THE NOISE REAPPEARED... I tried different end rounds and still the same result. I then started from scratch and rebuilt the concert video and edited. Everything looked great. Noise disappeared until I transferred to Compressor. I tried different formats (Vimeo, Blu_Ray, ProRes4444, etc. Same result... NOISE RETURNED...
Has anyone had this problem? Any advice? Sincerely, Joe Ray from Kenai, Alaska

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Re: Noise comes back in Compressor

Post by NVTeam » Mon Jul 02, 2018 10:49 pm

We did not see that on computers.

Could you please create a fresh new test project with the clip from the testkit
and Neat Video applied to it and then verify that the problem is reproducible with that test project?

Thank you,

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