Speed remapping premier causing stutter

resolve technical issues related to use of Neat Video
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Speed remapping premier causing stutter

Post by havabeer » Tue Aug 14, 2018 3:01 pm

Hi everyone,

Downloaded the latest version of neat video and using with 2017 version of premier pro. Thrilled with the results of the plugin until I render the video.

Basically I have some 1920x1080x100fps footage (australia) and when I apply neat video at playback at normal 100% speed it works fine and renders smooth. However when I try and speed remapping the same clip to around 25% to get nice silky smooth slow motion the footage becomes very stuttery and unusable. This effect seems to scale as well with the amount of speed reduction. So a speed reduction of 75% is no where as bad as 25%.

I can post up some clips tomorrow, I’ve given up in frustration and gone to bed. I’m hoping this can be solved as I can see it getting great results unless you want nice slow motion.

Applying the neatvideo to 4k footage in the same timeline works fine.

100% sure this isn’t computer specs related but here they are anyway:
I7 5960x 8 core 16 threads
2x Titan XP
32gig 3200 ram

Rendering the clip as h.264 1080p 25fps, changing the export settings doesn’t seem to make any difference. Shooting on a Sony A6300

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Re: Speed remapping premier causing stutter

Post by NVTeam » Tue Aug 14, 2018 3:19 pm

Manipulations with time in video can potentially lead to problems because Premiere may be serving incorrect frames (to Neat Video) via Premiere's temporal API (it may be working inaccurately in those conditions). If your tests confirm that without time manipulations the output video looks good and fails when time is manipulated, then a possible workaround is to apply noise reduction separately from that time manipulation, in two separate render passes.

Please also prepare a small test project with a short clip and Neat Video applied to it, verify that the problem is reproducible in that test project and then send the project and source clip to support [at] neatvideo.com for analysis. We will reproduce the problem and directly analyze it to see if something can be done from the side of the plug-in to prevent it.

Please also check if you have the right Timebase in Premiere's Sequence Settings -> Timebase.

Thank you,

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Re: Speed remapping premier causing stutter

Post by havabeer » Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:26 am

thank you to the witch doctors.... i mean support team at Neat video.

the suggested method above of editing you speed maps, rendering them and then editing your rendered clip to include the neatvideo plug-in worked.

this does add an extra step to the whole editing process, which can be cumbersom due to having to go through and cut up your footage again to reapply the plug-in to specific spots... But the results far out weigh this extra time needed.

dunno what black magic is used in this plug-in but it works very well.

keep up the good work

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