FCP X re-render issue fixed in 5.1?

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FCP X re-render issue fixed in 5.1?

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Hello from sunny Athens!

Considering upgrading to Neat Video 5.1. Has the issue with re-rendering in FCP X upon reopening FCP X and the project (10.4.7 at the moment) been addressed by either Neat or Apple? If not, is it in their plans to work together to fix it? This has been happening since 2013, so I don't expect much anymore, however it would be a worthwhile investment if fixed, since I spend my days re-rendering any project I open up. Here's a video I made in 2018 - nothing's changed since with Neat 4.8.0 and the latest FCP X (10.4.7). http://shorturl.at/fMZ16

Please note, that when I remove neat video from the equation (not show in the video), rendering works properly.

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Re: FCP X re-render issue fixed in 5.1?

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We discussed the re-rendering behavior of FCPX with Apple some time ago and they general idea was that if it takes place, then that means FCPX thinks that is either necessary or may be necessary. The plug-in cannot change that from its side. That decision making is taking place on the side of FCPX itself.

However if a simple test project with just one short clip and one effect (Neat Video) always causes FCPX to re-render when you re-open the project, then that may indicate some problem with FCPX install or settings. Please check if you can reproduce this.

Thank you,

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