Removing only color noise and dust?

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Removing only color noise and dust?

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I am scanning a color book and after I removed the screen, what's left over was a lot of color noise. What I want to do is remove only these color noise while retaining the paper texture, and then also remove the dust from the image.

What I did was I picked a spot in the image and created a noise profile with "auto profile", and then I turned off the luminance noise reduction and only worked on the chrominance noise reduction (Cr/Cb).

This worked as I wanted removing the color noise, but the problem is with luminance noise reduction turned off, the artifact removal feature is basically having no effect on the dust.

How do I make them work together?

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Re: Removing only color noise and dust?

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I am afraid those functions can only work together. Please try to find some balance between noise reduction (in Luminance) and artifact removal. Perhaps reducing the Noise Level setting may help to better preserve the texture while still removing dust.

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