Best Approach for Applying to Multiple Clips

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Best Approach for Applying to Multiple Clips

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What is the recommended workflow for applying noise reduction to multiple clips from the same source. And to be more specific - the frames in each clip don't change that much. This is for a band (virtual/socially distant) video, so cameras are stationary on each performer. Clips from each performer exist in multiple places in the project file.

Should I build my profile from one clip from one performer and apply that to each clip of that performer? Can you save it as a preset for the effect in the Vegas effects chain dialog box and everything will apply when selected OR do I have to save a profile and load a profile in the Neat interface? If the latter - do I have to save both a profile and a preset in the neat interface? OR should I build a new profile for every clip - keeping in mind that each clip is pretty similar in content other than zoom level?

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Re: Best Approach for Applying to Multiple Clips

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Try to copy&paste the effect itself from the clip where you have already set up an instance of the filter to other similar clips:
1) right-click the source clip and select Copy;
2) then select the target clip or clips, right click and select Paste Attributes.

I think this should be the easiest way.

Hope this helps,
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