Batching Reduce Noise in Nuke

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Batching Reduce Noise in Nuke

Post by rdutta »

This must be a common issue, but has anyone come up with a way to automatically denoise .exr sequences without having to manually run the Autoprofile from the gui? I'm using Nuke, and would like to submit a batch of sequences to the farm to be denoised.
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Re: Batching Reduce Noise in Nuke

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If the noise is the same in many sequences, you could probably just edit an existing .nk script (one that you have created by building a profile using GUI) to change the name of input exr sequence and output file name and then send the modified .nk script to the render machine for processing. However if the noise is actually different in each sequence, then you will need to build a noise profile using GUI for each sequence individually.

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