AMD Ryzen 3950x speed issues

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AMD Ryzen 3950x speed issues

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Just built a new computer with a 16-core 3950x / PCI Express 4.0 motherboard and having a couple of issues with the speed at which NV 5 is optimizing/working. Just a heads-up that I'm exclusively working in VirtualDub 2 (64-bit) with standard definition footage - 720x480 interlaced on a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit OS. GPU is not being used for processing at this time until I can get one of the RTX cards down the line. I'm encoding in either HuffyUV or Lagarith (with multi-threading turned on). Using an XPG SX8200 Pro M.2 SSD drive for saving the video.

When I run the optimizer with the default settings I'm seeing 'best combination' 148 frames/sec for 720 x 480 interlaced. I go ahead and accept that and then run my encode, where I'm getting only about 50 fps. The other thing I notice is that I cannot get it utilize more than about 25%-30% of my CPU with no other major applications running on my machine and the CPU pretty much idle otherwise -- pretty much no matter what I change the settings to.

Is there some reason why it's not using the full capacity of the CPU and/or why I'm not getting closer to the 148 fps that the optimizer stated?
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Re: AMD Ryzen 3950x speed issues

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Please see this article and pay special attention to the concept of efficiency. It is very much likely that the speed difference is caused by reduced efficiency of the host application, possibly due to the codecs used. Try to vary those.

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