Workflow w LRC and Neat Image

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Workflow w LRC and Neat Image

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Greetings! I've been trying to tweak my workflow with LRC Lightroom Classic and Neat Image. Here's what I have:
1- LRC: import RAW, tone/crop, export JPG, drag into Neat Image
2- Neat Image: Device Noise Profile > Auto Profile, or...
3- Noise Filter Settings > adjust
4- Output Image > Save output Image, Compression Level
5- LRC import

- Would you crop and tone balance in LRC before dropping into Neat Image?
- Is there a way to smooth out the Lightroom-to-Neat Image back and forth??
- If I require photoshop work, I'd rather use a DNG or Tiff, but where in this workflow would you do photoshop?
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Re: Workflow w LRC and Neat Image

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If you use Neat Image Standalone, then you can set it up as an External Editor in LR and then streamline use of Neat Image from LR, without having to manually export JPG from LR and importing it manually back afterwards. Please see the section "Using Neat Image with Lightroom" in the User Guide for Neat Image Standalonefor more details.

Cropping and tone balance before or after noise reduction is usually a matter of personal preference as both operations do not make the noise worse or different much.

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